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Casino Snakes: How Powerful Is Social Media? Snakebite Message Harms Business

Flying Predator drone image 29, 2014. While the casino has adamantly denied such claims, the Inquisitr reveals a new stance on this strange story today: how powerful is social media in spreading a potential rumor? While reports from casino spokespeople and even police authorities have dismissed claims that snakebites are common at the casino, a rogue Facebook message was enough to harm overall business and warrant the public objection from the resort. This casino snakes rumor began with a mere social media post on the widely used Facebook site, no less in which a gambler at the casino claimed to have visited the doctor for a snakebite. When the victim told the medical professional that he had been to the Sands Casino Resort in Pennsylvania recently, the doctor allegedly said that he heard of people getting bitten by snakes there frequently. In a matter of days, the message went viral online, being spread hundreds of times and evidently hurting business, as the rumor of snakes in the casino finally reached the troubled ears of resort officials.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.examiner.com/article/casino-snakes-how-powerful-is-social-media-snakebite-message-harms-business

Casino Revolution stresses commitment to South Philadelphia

PHL Local Gaming, led by produce magnate Joseph Procacci, is one of five applicants for the license, proposing a facility called Casino Revolution that would be located in South Philadelphia's stadium district. The bidders are making presentations and answering questions at suitability hearings before the Gaming Control Board this week. Officials stressed Procacci's long work in South Philadelphia, and said those ties would enable Casino Revolution to begin operations sooner than the other applicants. PHL Local Gaming officials also asserted that their site, at Front Street and Pattison Avenue, is the best location of the three groups proposing casinos in South Philadelphia. "I love South Philadelphia," Procacci said."I will build a casino that I will be proud of and that you, my fellow Pennsylvanians, will be proud of." More coverage Provence makes case at casino hearing Casino Revolution would open at least six months before any other bidder, its backers say.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.philly.com/philly/news/philadelphia_casino_license/Casino_Revolution_stresses_commitment_to_South_Philadelphia.html

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